History of the campground

A piece of land, a stream, a story…

The doors of Camping Le Ruisseau Bleu, one of the first official campsites in Quebec, opened to the public in the summer of 1962. After making the purchase in joint ownership of the lots belonging to Mr. Moses Lemieux on June 30, 1960, Mr. Paul Laflamme and Madame Azèle Shannon Lamontagne lay out the ground so that they can receive the first campers. At that time, only the lower part of the campground included the necessary services for the installation of the trailers. There were also a total of six cottages built along the Chaudière River, a chapel that was destroyed in 1992 a pavilion with four showers and four toilets and a swimming pool. The upper part remains a beautiful place to picnic in nature and to welcome wild camping enthusiasts.

Mrs. Lamontagne, who was the sole owner of the campground from March 18, 1967, sold the land to Mr. Charles Latulipe on September 2, 1975. Only then did the campground grow. The upper part is furnished and all the services that can accommodate the trailers are installed. A new pool, the current pool, was built in 1976. The community hall and the host house are also built, bringing a new aspect to the campground.

Subsequently, other owners acquired the campground to bring, in their own way, a new aspect giving it all the seal that we know today. Among these, Mr. Denis Paquet, owner of the land from 1991 to 1995, left his mark by expanding the community hall and by further developing the lower part of the campground. Campground Le Ruisseau Bleu is then sold to two families in the region of St-Hilaire, Gadouas and Lauzon and belonged to them for seven years. Finally, the campground was bought in 2002 by Paul-Émile St-Pierre and Johanne Canuel who continue to work and develop the campground with the same enthusiasm as during the first days of the opening of the campground 50 years ago.


Paul Laflamme and Azèle Shannon Lamontagne: from 1962 to 1967

Azèle Shannon Lamontagne: from 1967 to 1975

Charles Latulipe: from 1975 to 1991

Denis Paquet and Margot: from 1991 to 1995

Famille Gadouas and Lauzon: from 1995 to 2002

Paul-Émile St-Pierre and Johanne Canuel: from 2002 to today

Vintage photos